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There are many stereotypes about pit bulls in today’s society, but how many
of them are actually true? Are they really the “vicious” dogs people
make them out to be? The media seems to only focus on “attacks”
committed by dogs perceived to be Pit Bulls. It’s really a terrible
stereotype that hurts pit bulls. According to the ASPCA 1.2 million dog
in shelters are euthanized each year. Different studies show that
800,000 to 1 million of these are pit bulls. A Pit Bull isn’t a breed,
but a classification of 25+ breeds/mixes based on similar physical

Why are there so many odds against pitbulls? To start off, hundreds of jurisdictions across the country ban
or otherwise restrict ownership of these dogs – which leads to people
not being able to adopt these dogs from shelters or rescues if they live
in a certain jurisdiction.This also results in pit bulls being taken
away from their families if they live in a jurisdiction that doesn’t
allow pit bulls.When someone is moving, housing and apartment complexes
make it very difficult to have a pit bull there. It is getting crazy how they are treating the whole breed because of a few people not training there dogs correctly and the negligent owners.


Banning an entire breed. Taking away peoples long time four legged friends which to most are like a part of their family, removing the dog from their houses and banning them in states like Colorado is just wrong in my opinion. What are your thoughts on this?



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Pitbull Myth”

  1. Jacklyn

    Sweet idea, some of the people on YouTube are a talented bunch, ThoeKneiWne and LittleLoca are two that spring to mind and should go far. I hope this brings other talent forward though and more noticed over time because there are some cool people out there that need to be at the top, and no names mentioned, but there's one or two up there which have basically bottom licked (that's the polite version of what I mean) to get where they are and don't deserve it. Good idea this though, just another step to improve a fine website.


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