Blue Nose Pit Bull


Blue Pit bulls, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, and Cordoba Fighting Dog, as well as many other breeds such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands and Rottweilers are members of the Molosser family of dog breeds.

Molossers, are also known as mastiffs. They have heavy bones, pendant ears, short muscled necks and muzzles. They are commonly known for being aggressive and thus, are used for their natural guarding instincts.

A blue pitbull is a pit bull interbred with another species of pit bull. The color blue of these pit bulls is thus a recessive trait and is merely a dilution of black that is reflected as blue to the human eye. Blue pit bulls are the most demanded type of pitbulls due to this color.

It is speculated that the excess in aggressiveness in some blue pit bulls is due to breeding these dogs for many generations among each other which decreases their gene pool and can cause anomalies and problems. Not all blue pit bulls are born hazardous and killers. And they are animal aggressive rather then human aggressive by nature. Most of these pitbulls are very intelligent, insistent, and bold. Ignorance and Bad owners make these dogs somehow dangerous.

When buying a blue pit bull it is important to know the history of the breeder. The blue pitbulls need a continuous exercise and training. Affection, love, and proper care are essential with this especially athletic breed. A blue pitbull can be extremely hard to locate because they are very rare since a blue pedigree has no certain equation to make a blue pitbull. They are very expensive and this depends on how many dogs were in the litter. Pit Bull breeders are knowledgeable when it comes to genetics and the technique of dog breeding. Several breeders tend to breed their dogs to be more aggressive and tenacious. Breeders also provide studs for mating to produce sturdy puppies.


Pit bull puppies are very adorable and lovable. They are in high demand for adoption. Blue pit bulls are best adopted in the puppy stage, so that it grows up with its owner. This makes them more loyal to their only master. A pit bull’s breed is defined by its particular traits, but a puppy can be trained so that negative behavior such as aggression may be restrained. The longer a pit bull puppy lives at your home, the more it becomes loyal and adaptive to your home. Training is an important matter when it comes to pit bull puppies and it takes a lot of effort, but consistent and affectionate training will succeed.

Pit Bull kennels, or breeding homes, have both male and female adult dogs which are bred to produce litters. Kennel owners provide favorable and hygienic facilities for their dogs. Regular veterinarian care is provided and the dogs are treated for heartworm and infestation by fleas and ticks. Dogs are fed nutritious dog food, which provides them strength. The puppies and the dogs are vaccinated, neutered and disinfected. Kennels also train the dogs. Healthy and well trained blue Pitbulls are best to be bought from a kennel.